Cognitive training eliminates
deep-seated, unhealthy habits

Learn how you can close wellness program gaps to reach your most resistant members

People know which behaviors are good and bad for their health. Unfortunately, logic and will are often not enough to overcome the self-defeating beliefs, thought patterns and emotional dependencies people have developed as they've repeated unhealthy behaviors over the years.

Cognitive training doesn't just change what people do, it changes their deepest subconscious thoughts — which is why it succeeds where standard behavioral modification techniques have failed.

SelfHelpWorks' online cognitive behavioral training programs target the root cause of the unhealthiest lifestyle behaviors.

  • Smoking cessation

  • Alcohol control

  • Stress & resiliency

  • Diabetes management

  • Weight loss & nutrition

  • Sleep

  • Physical activity

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The behavior change tool missing from most wellness programs

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    Sleep & insomnia


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    Weight loss & nutrition

Engaging programs that show real results

A large wellness program provider compared the 'before and after' annual Health Risk Assessment scores of 60,000+ participants who took at least one SelfHelpWorks program.

  • 47%

    Reported lower stress levels

  • 77%

    Increased their daily activity

  • 33%

    Quit smoking

  • 53%

    Lowered their BMI by >5%

  • 52%

    Reduced their drinking

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