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Cognitive-Based Lifestyle
and Disease Management
Programs to Improve
Population Health

What We do
SelfHelpWorks is the leading provider of video-based cognitive interventions for reducing population health risk. Our evidence-based online courses eliminate even the most deeply ingrained unhealthy habits at the lowest cost per successful intervention. Read more.

What We Do

SelfHelpWorks partners with employers, wellness vendors, health plans and medical providers to deliver user-friendly online lifestyle and disease management interventions that reduce population health risk at the lowest cost per successful intervention. The interventions, which are delivered in an interactive online course format, target costly chronic health issues such as obesity and unhealthy eating, smoking and tobacco addiction, diabetes, stress, alcohol abuse and inactivity. They are ideal for use as a low-cost adjunct or alternative to live or telephonic coaching, and can be quickly and easily scaled across multiple locations. Detailed reporting, marketing collateral and live support are included.

How it Works

SelfHelpWorks interventions are curriculum-driven, just like an e-university course. The interactive online video-based format and our proprietary PersonalCoach™ software work in harmony to deliver an engaging personalized health coaching experience. Participants can log on 24/7 privately and conveniently from virtually anywhere via computer, tablet or smartphone. View the Demo

Why It Works

All SelfHelpWorks interventions employ an evidence-based cognitive behavioral training process designed to create lasting behavioral change. The process, which is a derivative of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), was originally implemented in 1979 and formed the basis of live behavior change courses taught in clinics, hospitals and large corporations. Learn more about our CBT-based cognitive behavioral training approach and view supporting studies on our Science page.