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The Proof Is In the Pudding
Perhaps the most important thing to consider when selecting a wellness solution is what users say about it. As you will see below, SelfHelpWorks cognitive-based interventions genuinely change lives for the better, and participants LOVE them!

Anonymous Survey Feedback

As part of our quality assurance process we ask SelfHelpWorks program participants to complete an anonymous exit survey. Here are summary results for our 2015 users across all courses:

  • 95% said the program helped them meet or move toward their goal
  • 93% said the program helped improve their motivation
  • 93% rated the program as good, very good or excellent
  • 86% said they would take the programs again if they were available
  • 95% said they would recommend the program to others

At the end of the anonymous exit survey is a final question asking if the participant has any additional comments or feedback to share. Below is a small sampling from the constant stream of delighted comments we receive on a daily basis.

I love this program, I noticed a change in my thinking the first week. I have recommended it to friends, family, coworkers. I am even being featured in my employer's wellness spotlight for losing 20 lbs.
This was awesome!! I have tried many other methods of losing weight, but none have worked. This is working and I will be living lean the remainder of my life.
This course changed my mindset towards and relationship with food. As a result, I have lost nearly 40 pounds so far and am still going.
I've done every diet known to mankind but this program was the first to address the mental side of overeating! I finally feel in control and know how to manage those urges to snack. I feel like I can have a future like normal people, not one who has to count and track everything I eat and feel guilty if I don't.
Helped to flat-line the chocolate addiction! Thank you!
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I was a little skeptical at the start of the course, but I loved it – it's like nothing I have ever taken before. Several of my co-workers are now taking the course. They are loving it as well. Thanks so much.
This program helped me in so many ways. Not just with food but it really got me thinking about how I can apply these same principles to other areas of my life, such as spending habits.
I started this program grossly obese and feeling sick and sorry for myself. I have lost 30 pounds and am learning how to have a healthy, realistic relationship with food. I finished the program today and I plan to restart it again tomorrow. I already feel 180 degrees different and I feel like the sky is the limit.
This is the first program that helped me break my addiction to sugar and also overcome my two main munches – chocolate and bingeing. I'm not perfect but I feel so much more in control. Thank you!!
The program has really had a big impact on me – this is the third time I have taken it. I have maintained a 25 pound weight loss for 3 years now.
I literally cried tonight, when the course ended. It was not sadness – it was gratitude. I am so happy that I have chosen to start this journey. I am already transforming and have lost weight – getting close to those goals. And that is awesome, but what is a bigger and more significant transformation is ME. Other diets have worked and I lost weight for a while. But my habits and me never changed. LivingLean was a revelation, and a revolution. I am a different person, and I am more confident and in control. I am excited about the possibilities in my life and I am so grateful. My husband has already agreed to take the course with me, in a few months, before the holidays begin... And I am so excited to share this experience with him. I have also talked about this program at work... It truly works and I am so grateful. Thank you.
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I loved the program. It helped me become an ex-smoker and gave me confidence and tools to continue to be an ex-smoker.
I thought this was great and had never seen this approach used before. Thank you so much. It is great being able to say "I am an ex-smoker."
Thank you! I have smoked for 45 years and have tried to quit smoking a lot with no luck but this course told me what to expect and gave me the help and support I needed to succeed. I couldn't have done this without your help.
Loved this program, gave me a different way to approach not only what the program was for but also a way to view other things in life.
Done, no more smokes!!!!!!!!!
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Great program – better than taking medicine or nicotine patches!
Fantastic program. Very motivating and Lou is great. Instead of dreading the sessions, I found myself looking forward to them. Great Job!!!
This has been the best quit-smoking program that I have had. It makes you understand why you are smoking and how to change that mindset.
Smoke-free and feeling great!
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This was such a great program that I want all the folks in my department to take it. We are short staffed right now and the stress level is high. It would be great to empower them to handle this temporary situation.
I have a lot of stress in my life. I take care of my mother and I have a teenage son. This program has showed me ways to deal with stress in a more positive way. Thank you.
Great program and easy to navigate! Very eye-opening.
Wow...The personalized opportunities within this course helped to re-energize my ability to rebound from a VERY stressful family situation. Thank you.
The program was awesome. I wish I had participated in something this good years ago. I have already recommended it to family and co-workers. Thanks.
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The program changed the way I look at everything. There were so many "below the line" thought patterns I was living out – now I am aware of them, so I can work on getting rid of them. I feel like the instructors are close advisors and friends.
I guess I just didn't realize how much I was holding myself down by my responses to stressful situations. This course helped to realized that maybe I can't change all of my situations but I can change the way I respond to them. I know if I continue to practice what I've learned in this course, I really can be a happier, healthier person.
Home life was miserable before I took this program and realized I was the issue :( Now things are improving :) - THANKS.
I found the program to be very helpful and rewarding. It was presented in a non-intrusive but constructive way. It helps you become aware of where your feelings are coming from and how to address them so that you don't continue to be a victim to old thoughts and feelings. I am in the process of retaking the class so that it becomes more ingrained into my mind when I need it.
Excellent course – didn't want it to end!
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Great program! Really helped motivate me! Enjoyed the reading material for each week. Thank you!
I feel that the program is excellent and very rewarding both physically and mentally.
This program gave me the "push" I needed to get off the couch and on my feet!!! Thanks.
Prior to taking this program I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. My blood sugar level was 108, after completing the program by blood sugar level is below 100 and I have lost 15 pounds.
This program was very encouraging as I had to move in order to log. I liked reaching 2000 minutes.
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Great program – it helped to keep me focused and motivated and....accountable.
I was already exercising regularly, but it helped me to get to truly doing something every single day for at least 30 minutes, even if some days were lower intensity than others. While not applicable for me, I believe it would be a perfect start for someone who is coming from doing absolutely no exercise at all to getting a start. The beginner plan would be an ideal way to get a small start for someone who is very overweight and/or intimidated by exercise plans.
This program got me motivated and keeps me motivated to continue a healthy lifestyle.
I had tried to cut back my alcohol consumption for years and concluded that I was just genetically programmed to be a drinker and there was nothing I could do about it. I took the program because my employer offered me an incentive. Just 2 sessions into the program I began to believe I could really do it and I did! It's the mind training that really works. I would recommend this program to anyone.
This was an excellent program. It helped me get things in perspective and change the way I was thinking. I could take the classes when it was convenient for me. Thank you for developing this program.
I have been drinking for 44 years. This course helped me develop the skills to break this addiction/habit and make the changes I wanted in my life.
For me, this program really made me look at myself and the quality of life that I was living, my decisions as to why I chose to do what I did, placing blame on everyone and everything but myself. The program made me desire the zest for life that I had lost somewhere along the way. Thank you for letting me see clearly now!!
Thank you so much!! This program has been an answer to prayer. I feel in control of my drinking for the first time in 3 years! I'm now an ex-drinker. Thank God!
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This program has made me see my relationship with alcohol and has set me free. I know I still have a ways to go but I now have the tools and a change in mind to see a brighter and healthier future. I will recommend this program for those who wish to be in control with their drinking. Thank you! An ex-drinker.
I quit drinking !!!! :)
I can't believe how easy and effective this program has been in helping me to quit drinking. It allowed me to take it in the privacy and convenience of my own home. I'm not a group person and couldn't find a program that fit my needs. I happened on it on my health insurance website. I'm going to miss it and may have to come back and visit online!
Really, really helpful stuff. Way beyond just helping with substance abuse!
I am now an ex-drinker. I am accomplishing more than I ever expected because my energy is greater than I knew it could be in the evenings. I am so in control of all my choices. Great course. Thank you.